The podcast

Our greeN futures

A green future is one that is zero-carbon, sustainable and just.

Join us as we connect, talk and come together to envision and create a greener and more sustainable present and future.

What is Our Green Futures?

Welcome to Our Green Futures, the place where we discuss what green jobs are and how to discover them created for and by young professionals. We hear from those working in sustainability about their roles and sector, while also exploring how the work we do and our relation to it could or should change in a sustainable greener world.

Our Goals :


To inspire those who would like to work in climate or sustainability and to showcase a range of different options and career pathways in sustainability, elevating the voices of young professionals around the world working in this field


To discuss and reflect on how work and workplaces can adapt including what we mean by green jobs. We discuss greenwashing and how to increase equality and inclusivity at work including the role of work in a degrowth economy


To learn from each other and to share ideas and advice related to wellbeing, climate anxiety and avoiding burnout while working in the field of climate change or sustainability